Our mission

Address the hemp industry's need for fibre processing

Grow an industry where producers prosper

Create opportunity for eco-friendly manufacturing

Support innovation for diverse local economies

Good for the soil

 Northern Alberta is perfect for growing hemp fibre. Our long summer days and clean soil provide ideal conditions for tall, high-yield fibre crops. Some varieties can produce up to 10 tonnes per hectare of biomass.


Other benefits of growing hemp include low input needs as well as soil structure improvement, weed suppression, erosion control, and ground toxin cleanup. 


The missing link:             processing

Alberta Hemp Works develops and sells hemp products that use the entire hemp plant. We believe that building and sustaining Alberta's hemp industry depends on "whole plant utilization" and maximizing the potential of hemp fibre. The missing link is decortication or processing capacity, turning raw stalks into usable hurd and bast fibre. 

The Hemp Works decortication line will be ready for commissioning in the Summer of 2020. This allows our farmers to sell their hemp straw, rather than burn it while manufacturers can buy local, rather than import. Decorticated materials can be used immediately or processed further for hundreds of different applications. See products

Good for the soil
Good for the planet
Good for all






The woody core of the hemp stalk 


hempcrete, construction/building materials, furniture, insulation,

stucco/plaster, landscaping,

animal bedding, cat litter,

food preservations etc. 


Exceptionally strong, outer fibres


automotive parts, textiles,

biocomposites, fibreboard,

concrete reinforcement,

canvas, paper, rope/twine, landscaping, erosion control etc. 

Source of CBD, Terpenes & more


CBD oil, low THC full spectrum products, extracts & isolates, pet supplements, teas, cosmetics, soil amendments, etc.

*Buyers of flowers and leaves must be licensed under the Cannabis Act


Source of protein and fatty acids


food and brewing (beer/liquor),

gluten-free flour, non-dairy milk,

protein powder, cosmetics,

lubricants, paint, resins, etc.


For Availability & Pricing

Alberta Hemp Works is led by a mother/daughter team dedicated to pushing the hemp industry forward in our region.  Together with our family, we are working to see producers prosper, manufacturers advance and communities thrive.  

A family-run



We are proud to be located in Barrhead, Alberta (100km northwest of Edmonton). 

As a community of enthusiastic leaders, entrepreneurs and farmers, we know Barrhead will play an integral part in the growth of Alberta's industrial hemp industry. 

2 million acres of arable cropland within 100km
Ideal growing conditions
for hemp fibre
Knowledgeable local
Direct access to transportation corridors and rail
Close to innovators and manufacturers
Supportive local and
provincial government 

Interested in growing or selling hemp?


Let us help you get started in the industry

and find markets for your hemp. 

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